Questions have been asked about the BTCD's pre-mine (~24,800 BTCD or ~1.5% of the total 1.6 million PoW Coins) here is the breakdown:
P.S. Because coins started to stake after 8 hours of maturity, the total # of BTCD during the PoW phase was less than 1.6 million, and ended up being ~1.174 Million BTCD

1) Azeh -- 5,386 BTCD

2) TorrnA -- 5,386 BTCD

3) BTCDdev --5,386 BTCD

Further development expenses:

Promotion payments before launch: 2,200 BTCD

Blog Posts/ Articles: 120
Node hosting: 10
Games: 90
Faucet funding: 3
Mac Wallet: 275
Windows Wallet: 500
Block Explorers: 550
OP translations: 360
Donations for independent work: 120
Media relations trial: 100

Anon tech development: 3500 (given to BTCDdev by James for his work)
Further development reserved for James after coming on board ~ 1000 (offered to TorrnA and BTCDdev by James)

Basically all pre-mine payments we're made before James joined as core developer.  After which, James was offered a bounty for his services, however, said already had enough BTCD that he had bought on the open market and therefore offered his bounty to BTCDdev for his help coding, who didn't have funds to be able to purchase BTCD on the open market.

Furthermore, I (Azeh) was lucky enough to have BTC available in the early days to purchase the majority of the BTCD I hold on the open market and have subsequently funded other aspects of BTCD development with my personal funds.

Web Designer: 1000 BTCD
BitcoinPRbuzz: 1200 BTCD

See below for more details:

A portion of the original pre-mine was agreed upon by the three original developers (Azeh, TorrnA, BTCDdev) to be distributed evenly. This was well before the launch of BTCD and was well before any of us had any knowledge that James would agree to come on board to become the core developer for BTCD.  The fact of the matter is, before the launch of BTCD the three original members worked for 2 months planning BTCD. Only one member, Azeh (me) had any BTC available to purchase BTCD on the open market.